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A man who finds a wife finds a good thing.
A wife who resides, so deep inside God, that the man has to seek Him first.
If ever God had to choose where on Earth He would reside, it would be in the Heart of a wife.
Her tidal wave eyes, wherein lies pools of Joy,
Truthful lips telling no lies
Selfless giver of Love, thinking of herself less,
Bones of his bones, flesh of his flesh.
The diamond, in its attempts to be flawless, strives to reflect her.
Resilient to Life’s eroding forces, yes, diamonds are forever, but it was the wife who showed it possible first.
Loving your wife is a standing prayer for she is scripture.
There is Genesis in her belly.
There is Eden where she makes home.
She is the mountain that only the Faith of a good man can move. Virtue in her bones.
She is a testament of God’s greatest glory.
A wife is to be exalted.
Wife by Joseph Cook (via lnkdroptheory)

(via xdopedupphoenix)

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Another super productive day, spent it applying for jobs. Literally since 1 until like 9 

Prayers up. Massive unshakable faith.

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Im convinced that this beard crazy is only an online trend. I get no love for the beard in real life lol


not true. i definitely give love to my bearded loves whenever i see them. except in philly. it’s too many of y’all in philly. lol. 

We appreciate your beard. ✊ flourish lol

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With graduation rapidly approaching, It’s been an AMAZINGLY productive 24 hrs!

Finished all outstanding assignments for the remainder of the semester with the exception of the three take home finals I have, and I will complete them by Friday. I picked up my cap and gown today YAH!!!! It’s getting real! I did some much needed ATL networking! I went to bible study tonight :)

Finishing my night with CHOPPED and perfect lemon ginger green tea with me myself and I.
Tomorrow I’ll spend the day applying to more jobs and checking out places to live in ATL.

The simple things. Namaste.

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The sanctity of relationships

It’s said that anger in a relationship is bad, it should be banned from relationships.


And so you finish. And the other person HEARS you. They received your pain and they understand.

You see, it’s not the anger, it’s the escalation:
“Would you shut up and let me finish!!
I can’t finish until YOU finish is that it?! You’re just like you’re mother!
I’m just like my mother…” And so on.

You weren’t heard. It escalates. The argument diverges and everyone becomes defensive and adrenaline starts to pump.

Studies show The brain can’t take in information well when the adrenaline starts to pump.

Arguments are bound to happen: sex, money, time, kids, other. But it’s the ability to acknowledge and handle the inevitable disagreements that are going to happen. Not falling apart every time an argument comes up.

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