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That nigga juelz Santana ALWAYS looks blown in pictures with his girl lmaooo

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Son. I’ve been on the GO since Thursday. Got to atl midnight Friday. I’ve been up since 8 am. Spent the entire day driving around looking at apartments then came BACK to nc at 1:30am and I CANT fall asleep!!!!!!!! It’s almost 4am. Wtffffff I’m tight!

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Now if you’re ever wondering
About the way I’m feeling
Well baby boy there ain’t no question
Just to be around you is a blessing
Sick and tired of trying to save the world
I just want to spend my time being your girl
And what you’re giving me
Let’s me know that we’ll be alright.

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My son is walking around yelling “stop it brother!” 😒😒😒😒😒 he better knock it off. No damn brothers around here. And won’t be none!

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I’m committed to dating a Puerto Rican man at least once! Lol

I watched a video of my friend and her son’s father salsa dancing and it was so fluid. I miss that part of my life, my culture.

Having HUGE dinner parties with family friends and dancing while Mami is cooking arroz con pollo and empanadas and platanos and still dancing after. Salsa, bachata merengue ..they’re such beautiful dances to watch.

Traditions I’m building with my son. We listen to the Marc Anthony pandora station while I cook and I let him “help” and we dance in between stirring lol I love it!