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I just got WILD excited!

Like stress aside with all the craziness of this move, I’m about to move to ATLANTA! And start my CAREER in my field that I loveeeee and am so passionate about on top doing freelance PR for this other company down there.

I have so many things I’m gonna do and I can’t wait. 😁

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Slim said her man got 9 kids including the one she pregnant with…… off your head you think I’m dealing with a nigga that got SEVEN kids before me??????!!! Mannnnnn goooooo head! Fuckkkkkkk dat! Lls

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Two OCD parents made one OCD baby 😂 and I’m not stepping in to stop it. 👐

Two OCD parents made one OCD baby 😂 and I’m not stepping in to stop it. 👐

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He has to be my knight in shining armor. The one who saves my day.

Because If you’re not here to rescue me, what do I need you for?..

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Common courtesy

I give my acquaintances the same respect I give my closest friends when it comes to an ex.

If I ever hung out with you, if anyone could find a pic of us on IG, if you ever commented on my IG pics! if I’ve ever been out to dinner with you or been to your house, regardless of the circumstances: meaning I was only there because of with a mutual friend etc..even if we’re no long acquaintances, I’m not dealing with a nigga you dealt with.

And I give you that respect because if you ever tried to pull that “we not even friends forreal” bullshit with me and deal with my ex? Imma beat that ass. Fuck you talmbout. And won’t feel no type of way about it. And Imma whoop your ass like he’s still my man.

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On the run

NC to VA to GA then back to VA for two weeks, all this in five days then BACK to GA. I don’t get tired!!……..Sike. I’m exhausted already!

I’m not leaving city limits for any reason for at least a month after all this traveling.

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1)I read my daily scriptural text before I check any notifications from IG tumblr text or calls…it sets the tone for my day and plus if I don’t do it first thing I’ll forget as the day goes on

2)I know EVERY theme song to the shows on nick jr and a few on Disney. I also know the daily show line up, what’s coming on at what time. Lol

3)I have RIDICULOUS pet peeves that I know are ridiculous, but still PISS me off to max. #1 being using the soap and a) not using a washcloth b) not putting it back in the soap dish c) not dumping the water out of the soap dish making The soap soggy and D) not rinsing the soap off after you use it!!

4)when I miss my family I listen to the Marc Anthony pandora station and make my favorite Spanish food

5)I HATE liquor taste so I don’t really drink but if someone would’ve put me on to amaretto sour a long time ago, my college career would’ve went wayyyyy different lol

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